YX (sharikqah) wrote,

The final sounds you hear are nothing but music

(On reflecting on this photograph that Ben took at Kelvin & Stella's wedding on 26th March)

When evening wraps its arms around your eyes,
smoothens your back, massages your feet -
when time persuades you to turn aside
to rest, to recover, to finally step to sleep -

let everything be just music to your dreams:
the pop and spit of shoes on dry grass,
the slippery clap when someone from our team,
sweeps past you in a rashing, reeling rush;

the shuffling struggle of breath drowning in lungs,
the willing whisper of wind on your face,
the careless chatter of waterless tongues
the gunfire of applause at a race;

the sluiced stutter of sweat-stained clothes,
a stopwatch's programmed whine,
the warnings of cars sawing down roads
the tattoo of someone's chasing feet behind.

Listen when every voice falls out and away,
and silence coasts in like an enormous bird -
under its wings hear the last things we say -
the lush landscape of our shared words

here in the wisp of water, the lapping of loose waves,
where the sea communicates with land,
while you and I, together, try to save
our memories, buried in the shush of silted sand.

(For all the NUS crossers, past and present, I've had the opportunity to run with)
Tags: life, nus, running
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