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EyeEmming Sungai Lembing/ Kuantan

I took a short holiday over the weekend to burn off the stress of work. So on 21 May, I braved a six-hour bus ride to get to Kuantan, in the state of Pahang, on Malaysia's east coast. Malaysia has been receiving a lot of bad press lately - a missing commercial jet, kidnapped tourists in Borneo, supposedly incompetent politicians and an out-of-control crime rate among them - so hopefully this trip proved that we (myself and my colleague SJ) and anyone else can still take one bag, $100 in hand and have a good time in the country north of our fair city.

Most of my time was spent hiking and trekking in Sungai Lembing, a former tin-mining town in the hills of Pahang with the friendliest people. I also spent a solid day in Kuantan city, doing the typical tourist thing of checking out beaches and shopping centres.

This is a sort visual travelogue.

Sungai Lembing's main street, seen from the room of my guesthouse. SJ and I were the only guests.

Abandoned mining pool, Sungai Lembing

Bridge over the Kenau River, Sungai Lembing

'Hiker's Yong Tau Foo' - cooked in spring water and ready to eat at 4am at Sungai Lembing's market

River crossing

The magnificent Air Terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Falls)

Sea of clouds over Sungai Lembing

Tide pool at Teluk Chempedak beach, Kuantan

Saturday night Malaysia Cup football, Darul Makmur stadium, Kuantan

This cat stole my roti canai, Kuantan
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