YX (sharikqah) wrote,

The usefulness of paper

So a lot of things happened over the last month or so. I had a bit of a falling out with my boss, thought of quitting (then decided against it), and dove straight back to work. A second project for a new writers' anthology is in the works. Because of these two big things, I've never worked so much overtime in my life.

It feels funny that after all the energy and enthusiasm of travelling, and the devoted precision with which I managed to get things done over the first half of the year, the next months look to me like a long dive into the multiple piles of paper I have at my workstation. My colleagues say I'm paranoid because I print everything out: drafts, reports, email threads - because I like to have these physical copies on hand if anything goes wrong. Typical cover backside attitude.

Right now I would love to write or to daydream, but constant worry over the deadlines I'e got to meet (at work, for the anthology) eats me out. So I settle for running and swimming as usual. It's all I can seem to do right now without feeling any sort of negative emotion. 
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