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28 April 2009 @ 12:30 am
2 exam papers over. 3 more to go.

Humbled today, while studying with Mxn & Ger. And also quite taken aback while with Roy, my cross-country buddy. Having a paper at 5 in the evening I had no intention of being sociable today. I was just thinking of finding a nice quiet corner by the business faculty canteen & read up on my stuff, but Roy invited me & we ended up studying at a windy ledge overlooking the library there. Talking to him made me realise he's been through a lot. Probably more than I've ever thought. Definintely more than me. And I can start to understand why he's so resistant to being a Christian.

Then with Mxn & Ger, on a quiet swathe of airconditioned corridor at a secret location which I'm not supposed to disclose (heh). I don't like to answer questions before an exam because I get very kancheong & afraid about things I don't know. But we questioned & answered each other anyway. And then 15 minutes before the paper, we prayed.

When I was in junior college I used to lead some of my friends in prayer before exams & hockey matches. Some of my old jc classmates were only believers before exams; some of my old jc teammates were Muslims who believed praying Christian's prayer was no issue. But I guess for reasons (perhaps) disillusionment & a kind of sombre reality, I never continued this after my stint in police, & back in exam time now I reserve my prayer for home, in private. But today, I felt pretty humbled by what Mxn & Ger said in their prayer. And their faith that prayer was still needed, even though we were going to be late.

Sometimes it goes beyond keeping you calm. It becomes a lesson in knowing where your priorities lie.

If it makes sense, God is teaching me a lot of basic things which I, after all these years, should already know , but somehow I don't (or pretend I don't know).