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24 June 2009 @ 12:46 am
Didn't start off very well today: these days I never seem to get enough sleep, & so I woke up feeling like I'd slept all night in an oven. Another Ayg briefing in the morning - so, now I'm covering athletics, soccer and swimming. I think its a bit much; but I like the trust which they place in us. I like, despite the obvious fact otherwise, that they're treating us like adults, people who have a commitment & a stake in things. And I like how it's all about the effort put into the writing & the reports, not just about the process.

Something didn't really go right after that briefing, so I ended up at Hong Lim food centre alone. It's been 2+ years since I've been there. The food centre is a 2-storey collection of hawkers and food stalls on the first two floors of a massive public housing complex at the edge of Chinatown. They don't build places like these anymore. Still, nothing has changed there. I remember when I was stationed at Cantonment in 2005, and how me & Robin used to sneak down to Hong Lim to eat the Crayfish hor fun. Then with filled stomachs we'd cross the bridge spanning the two streets & end up at People's Park Centre, to spend the rest of our lunch break admiring/ wondering at how suggestive massage parlours had taken over the top floors of the place.

People's Park Centre is much quieter now, although the place still makes me uncomfortable. Hong Lim is still dark, smoky and extremely hot at noon lunch hour. Nothing has changed, not even the prices. I can still get mixed rice below three dollars.

Under the shadow, of course, of the news that my school has a H1N1 cluster, I still returned there to do my research work. But, really, my objective was to attend the 5K time trial later.

I always trust the things that other people say about me when I'm under crisis: I can be irrationally whiny, sometimes disgustingly pessimistic and, in the words of my coach, I seem to think that I'm not strong enough. And by extension, I don't give the 100% necessary. At the time trial today, all these traits were visible in my exhibitionist self. I wanted to withdraw from the selection (we were choosing runners to represent the uni in the event at an upcoming games) because I had a case of "butterflies in my stomach" (Benedict). But, by the grace of God & His mercy, I took the trial & survived. I didn't get chosen, but I broke the 20 minute barrier by 3 seconds. I thought it shouldn't really matter, until everyone came & congratulated me as I laid gasping for air on the ground.

I'm immensely grateful for Alan's threats ("you better get faster before I return, or else -"), Benedict's prodding ("Just ruu, lah") & Aaron's advice ("stride first then see how you feel"). I acknowledge that coach's training is working - a 2 minute improvement in time after a year is huge. But I don't want to leave out God. I can run because my Heavenly Father allows me to. And if what I'm given doesn't point back to Christ, then what's the point in pushing myself so hard?

24 June 2009 @ 09:19 am
Claymore Short Story Project #1

Author: Sharikqah
Title: King
Ratings: PG-13
Characters: Raki x Miria (Implied)/ Priscilla
Warnings: NIL
Word Count: 1785

Summary: The war against the Organization might be over, but for one latecomer to the war, the battle to save survivors has just begun. Written for a prompt by Tempest35 on Animesuki. Posted in Proximity on FF.net.


Read more...Collapse )