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07 December 2009 @ 12:11 am
Standard Chartered Singapore (Marathon)
10 km
Sun, 06 Dec 2009

The irony is that we planned everything just right: meet together for warm-up, do pre-race strategy, get cool running shirts & take choice places at the starting line 20 minutes before the flag-off. But we were completely outclassed.

There were some miscalculations. Running this race is the only chance I get to run through the central business district and jump red lights at junctions which would be packed with traffic, but because of the roads, the route ended up doing some 90 degree turns into highways ramps and sideroads. I misjudged how tough an up-slope at the bridge across Marina Bay was, and ending up almost dying just to keep up with my 2 pacers Alan Quek & Calvin.

The greatest consolation: all three of us finished within 30 seconds of each other, within 43 minutes.

I'm grateful that, when I really felt like dying, Aisha happened to be helping out with route-marshalling. Her encouragement, completely out of the blue, was a God-send.

Which proves: the God who allows me to delight in this sport does work in unusual ways to sustain & keep me en route to peace.

Still, to our all-girls' team, who came in second overall: FINALLY! A fitting end to a year of races.
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