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12 December 2009 @ 10:12 am
Short Story

Title: Wounded Satellite
Rating: T
Characters: Mainly Tatsuki + Soi Fon (with Yoruichi, Ichigo, Orihime)
Warnings: References to the Winter War
Word Count: 5,311

Summary: One-Shot. The Winter War is over, and everything's back to normal. But one veteran of the fight nurses wounds from combat less obvious and finds returning to normal tougher than others. An account of what war does to the young.

Notes: Spent the entire Aug-Nov writing for my creative writing class that I completely neglected my fanfiction commitments. So this is my first story in 4 months, written slowly over that period. Credit to my hardworking betas LizzayBT and MisterJB.

The link goes out to Fanfiction.net where I have this story hosted. From today onwards I will not host any stories on my personal LJ. I'll be making a fiction community by early next year to put them in.

(She knows she has seen enough darkness to make any kind of self-constructed blackness a wistful fantasy)