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01 January 2012 @ 11:05 am
Spent the last few moments of the old year thinking quietly about all the changes that have taken place.

Absent from almost everything since Christmas because a crippling combination of reservist and work, I've had the schedule reversed: long moments of complete inactivity during duty in the daytime, and relentless copy-editing at night till the early morning. It was a hectic way to end the year but, like all times, there were times when being alone in the colonial-era barracks of the academy and wheezing from an allergic reaction to the dust gave me the peace I needed to think about the year. 

And what a year it's been. Finally a graduate; finally working; casting my votes to change this country; breaking at least one PB while running; finding a new church; taking on the many responsibilities and the trappings of working adulthood; joining F1 and wearing their red and white to races; and meeting people across these new places. Of course, there are always a set of perhaps(es): I could've better friend, gotten a higher-paying job, ran faster, lasted longer, been less pissed off, gone to more places, taken more pictures, saved more money -

But that's for another year. I haven't felt this free feeling in a long time. It feels good to know that, even with regrets, you can only keep going forward.